MARCH 2010



Q1 - Do you have any before game rituals?

I would not call them rituals, bit I do like to keep a similar schedule. I try to eat around the same time before each game, listen to music and just relax before I head out there.


Q2 - What are you doing to prepare for this upcoming season?

I have been working out a lot. Whether it is in Syracuse or in Oakland. I am trying to keep my body in shape. I also am studying film of last year. I have to cut out the mental mistakes.


Q3 - With the 2010 Draft coming... what position do you feel is a necessity for the Raiders?

I am not sure on that. I let the guys upstairs take care of the off the field stuff. I am just here to play.


Q4 - Who would you call your biggest rival in the AFC West? Johnny Dominguez, Sylmar, CA

The Chargers and Raiders have been going at it for some time now. We get super hyped playing those guys.


Q5 - What does the defense have in store for us Raiders Fans this year? R. Smith, Pomona, CA

We want more take-a-ways. Those are such a turning point in games. The whole team gets hyped when we get a turnover.

Q6 - What inspires you to continue playing the game?

Just the game itself. I have always loved playing football, and to get to take advantage of that for a few more years is something that I cherish.


Q7 - So we see that you are trying to get more involved with Raider Fans with your facebook page and doing interviews with a lot of fan websites and blogs. What inspired you to get involved like this? Teddawg from BleedSilverAndBlack.Com

The fans are a big part of why we play the game. Especially you Raider fans. You guys are all over the country, and to be able to interact with you is great.


Q8 - How well do you think that Huff and yourself will work together in 2010?

I think we will continue to learn from each other. The more comfortable we get back there, the better.


Q9 - Tyvon, What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment? Estevan Casas, CA

My first interception was awesome. It gave me a chance to really feel like a NFL player.


Q10 - What is your favorite thing about playing safety for the Oakland Raiders? Mikey the Marine while in Afghanistan

Other than the opportunity to play in the NFL, it has to be the fans. You guys are all so passionate. It is an aweomse feeling running out and hearing the crowd.

Q11 - Tyvon, when you are at Strong Safety who fo you feel more confident in their skills and football coverage knowledge as your Free Safety counterpart? The San Clemente Kid, Raiders Fan Convention

Everyone that I line up beside I have trust in. You have to or there will be breakdowns.


Q12 - Tyvon, some say that fans are allowed to boo when the team is doing poorly. That they do it to let the team know they are not getting the job done. Does the booing hurt or help you on the field? Queen D, Sacramento, CA

That is something that has never affected me. I have definitely heard boos in all of my days playing sports, but I go out there and give my all no matter what the situation.


Q13 - Raiders is all you know, but given the chance when your contract is up, how does this franchise fit into your career plans? You are young, talented, and have great work ethic. Would you stay or move to another team? Elizabeth Campos, Moreno Valley, CA

I would love to play my entire NFL career for one team. Having the opportunity to start my career in Oakland, I would love to be part of bringing back the glory days.


Q14 -  I am a life long Raiders Fan who learned about the Raiders when I was 7 years old back in 1979 in Rhode Island. I did not have any newspapers, interne or a family who liked the Raiders during that time. Yet, here I am. I can explain WHY I became a Raiders fan back in those years and continue to fight the fight now. So here is my deal. My son is 7 and my daughter is 3. If not for me fostering their support of the Raiders... Why would they want to join me in my devotion? In other words, what about the current or future Raiders would attract a young mind to become a life-long fan? Jason Goffe, President of New England Raider Boosters

We are a young team wiath a lot of talent. Plus, if those kids become Raider Fans, they are joining some of the most passionate and die hard football fans out there.


Q15 - Is there anything that you would like to say to the Citizens of the Raider Nation?

Thanks for all you guys do. Don't forget to check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tyvonbranch. I upload videos and answer as many questions as I can on there. I hope to see you all become fans!!! Go Raiders!!!